Emissions trading

Reference Projects

The following references provide some examples of our most important mandates:

  • Legal advice on the allocation of emission allowances and representation in objection proceedings and judicial proceedings against allocation decisions before the Berlin Administrative Court, Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, Federal Administrative Court and European Court of Justice 
  • Legal advice and representation in objection proceedings and judicial proceedings before various administrative courts on the issue of the emissions trading obligations of various plants, in particular waste incineration plants
  • Legal advice on the classification of activities as carbon leakage
  • Legal advice on various facilities for capacity expansion and capacity reduction
  • Legal advice on the question of the heat allocation and on the question of the classification of a facility as an electricity producer
  • Representation in sanction and administrative offence proceedings for various facilities
  • Representation in objection proceedings on emissions trading in aviation
  • Advice and representation relating to various systems in lawsuits and objection proceedings on electricity price compensation